The Student Council was set up in 2016 by the CSPE 3rd year class and current members. They identified the students needing their own voice in the Senior School as their action project for their Junior Cert project. 

Since then the Student Council has been very busy with new members elected each year by their class peers. Some of their responsibilities include representing the student voice in school matters, hosting lunch time tournaments, giving a tour to incoming first years’ to the Senior School, running art/writing competitions and lessons during anti bullying week, organising fundraising days and Christmas Celebrations for the whole school. They also print end of the year Senior School yearbooks the proceeds from which have been used to buy sport supplies and new library books the students requested. The Student Council are an integral part of the Senior School and their work is very much appreciated.


Student Council Members 2021-2022

Nathan McNamara - Class 14

Michael Doyle - Class 13

Morgan McDonnell - Class 12

Michael Webster - Class 11

Cian Holden - Class 10

Jack Maher - Class 9

Mackenzie Culleton - Class 8