Class 7

Welcome to Class 7
We did beautiful art work this week.
The Irish landscape was the inspiration for the colours we chose! 
We celebrated National Tree day by planting a tree in the garden. 
We had so much fun celebrating a 12th birthday on Friday! 
We were so excited to see snow on Friday!!! 
We celebrated 29th of February with yummy hot chocolate and pan au chocolate! 
Happy Valentine's Day.
We had fun decorating yummy buns to celebrate a big 12th birthday!
Watercolour and salt art work!
We had a busy first week back to school.
The students completed a picture fact project on the Aztecs, they completed their own fact finding survey for Data in Maths and represented the information on bar graphs. 
Christmas in our class.
Painting ceramic Christmas decorations.
Santa visited our school today!
We had a lot of fun today making a solid bone like structure from liquid milk - we discovered how much calcium is in milk and how vitamins D helps calcium absorb! 
Rainbow science experiment for Science Week.
We made yummy pizzas.
Look at our Halloween art.
We planted blubs with Ella in the garden.
We enjoyed a relaxing hand ritual. 
We created beautiful autumn art to celebrate national tree day.
We started back Music Generation.