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Student Council September 2022 - June 2023

Well Done to the Senior School Student Council 2022-2023

They have been very busy. Here is a run down of all the different things they were involved with or organised this year;

  • Anti Bullying Week- ‘Be Kind Theme’ - Hall Presentation

  • Odd socks Day fundraiser for Teni- Trans Charity

  • Halloween costume competition & march

  • Halloween art competition

  • Soccer Blitz

  • Pool Tournament

  • Quiz @ Halloween/ Christmas/ Easter (first one back in the hall!) & Summer (coming up)

  • Christmas memories podcast

  • Christmas board competition

  • Cyber Safety- Podcast- New Social Media Policy

  • Helped with Seachtain na Gaelige - Board competition

  • La Glas fundraiser for Teac Tom

  • Myths & Legends Podcast

  • Sponsored Walk for SOHS and Childhood Cancer Ireland

  • Soccer blitz in Kieran's College

  • Console days

  • Coming up …

  • Final quiz

  • Magazine

  • Console/Karaoke day

Student Council choosing the board competition winners. Presenting the prizes to the Pine and Hazel rooms. Well done. They also collected the La Glás Charity money for Teac Tom.
We have raised €100!! Thanks to everyone who donated.
 The presentation was made by LCA1 in Class 13 for their ICT task project.
Here is the Student Council recording of student guidelines for the new Social Media Policy. 
Students from the Senior School talk about their favourite Christmas Memories.
What a great week of events for Anti Bullying week. Mr Fahey opened the week reminding everyone about the importance of respect and each class were assigned their Just Be Themes. Throughout the week LCA1 held their Wellbeing Task events- James ran a soccer skills class, Aine & Lajos presented a Healthy Food Demonstration, Michael ran a mindfulness meditation and Lyor collected the Odd Socks money for TENI. Then Friday all classes presented their wonderful thematic work to the whole Senior school.
Here are the Senior school Anti Bullying events being run by the Student Council in the Senior school.
Here are some photos of students enjoying the Student Council Halloween Zoom Quiz, all the wonderful art entered into the art competition and a collage of all the Junior Trick or Treaters to the Senior School.
Lots of fun was had.
The Halloween Art competition winners will be announced on Friday. 
The Jnr school is invited to Trick or Treat on the Snr class doors between 11.30am-12.30pm on Friday.
There will be a  Halloween Costume Competition Catwalk in the Snr Hallway 1.40pm on Friday afternoon. 
Also Richard in class 12 is currently taking names for the soccer tournament that's starting after mid term break.
Student Council September 2021 - June 2022
A big Thank You to this year's Student's Council who have been excellent class representatives. They have achieved a lot and always ready to help out when asked. They enjoyed a well deserved Mc Ddonalds treat for all their efforts.
Well done to Mackenzie on winning the latest pool tournament. Pictured here with Michael presenting him with his prize. 
The Student Council are currently looking for contributions from all Senior School students for their annual Yearbook. 
The Student Council and Green School Committee are busy preparing for the Annual Senior School Sponsored Walk. This year we are linking our walk for Water with our fundraiser in aid of School of the Holy Spirit and those affected by the war in Ukrainian in Ireland.
The 10km walk will take place this Friday 6th May. We will walk to, around and from the Castle Park.  We will have a PRIDE themed picnic in the Castle Park too! Sponsorship cards have gone home or sponsorship via Alladin is also set up.
We appreciate all your support.
Following an initial brainstorming session with Mrs Lennon around positive behaviors while transitioning to recreation spaces and during recreation activities, the Student Council class representatives facilitated class discussions with Mrs. Lennon when she visited the classes to get all senior students' input on this issue.
When all the information was gathered, the Student Council met to look at the feedback and were given an opportunity to add or amend. From this work came a set of behavior expectations and the Student Council representatives informed all the classes. These will be visible to all senior classes and at the senior exit door to the court and outdoor spaces. 
Behavior Expectations in the Senior School
  • Use kind respectful language to peers and staff.
  • Think before speaking.
  • Take time out to calm/take deep breaths if feeling frustrated or angry.
  • Walk on the corridors and stairs and keep to the right hand side.
  • Be respectful of the personal space of others.
  • Speak to or tell an adult if there is a problem - don't wait!
This month the Student Council will be starting a second pool tournament- thanks to the help from James Barry. They will also be looking at ways they could have an input and work with the annual senior school focus of 'My Diagnosis & Me' for the month of March.
They are excited to organise more outdoor events now that the weather is getting better.
March 2022
This month the Student Council have been working with their class groups on Cyber Safety. Each class created a podcast that they then recorded with Mark from Music Generation. The Student Council met with Mrs Lennon to discuss Anti Bullying. They also created a video on the topic.
February 2022