Class 3

                                  Welcome to Class 3
We had a visit from Billy the Ice Cream Man this week and got some delicious ice-cream.
We had so much fun at the Beach Day!
We really enjoyed the book fair in the sensory garden this morning. 
We had a surprise visit from the Irish Defence Forces. We got to see inside the Mowag.
We had a disco for the last day of Active Schools Week. It was so much fun.
We had a visit from the local Firemen today to teach us all about fire safety in our homes.
For the next few weeks will be learning all about the sea/seaside. How beautiful is our under the sea art.
We all had a brilliant time at Sports Day. We all got medals.
We are enjoying Food Dudes Week. Today we had carrots and blueberries. 
Nore Valley Farm came to visit today. It was great fun!
We celebrated our First Holy Communion on the 20th of May.
This week we are really enjoying learning all about Capacity.
We enjoyed maths class outside last week learning all about length. 
We read a story about ‘Saving Easter’. We worked as a team to sequence the story. It was great fun.
Easter Art
We enjoyed our spring hunt out in the sensory garden. We explored and found lots of new life in the garden, buds, flowers, insects, birds, nests and lots more.
We enjoyed learning about St. Patrick last week and we are super proud of our art display.
We celebrated our First Penance last week.
We enjoyed World Book Day.
Snow Day fun
Pancake Tuesday fun.
This week we explored 2D and 3D shapes.
We went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to identify 2D/3D objects in our environment.
We really enjoyed this.
We learned some fun facts about Australia to celebrate Australia Day on 26th January.
Look at our beautiful art of the Sydney Opera House.
We learned about the history of the teddy bear.
We did a Show and Tell of our favourite teddy bears.
Today we learned all about elasticity and observed different types of materials balls are made from.
We also investigated which ball would bounce the highest.
We had great fun making Rice Krispie buns for our Friday treat today.
Class 3 having 'wheelie' good fun at PE today.
Thanks to Oisin for surprising us with homemade Friday treats. They were delicious.
Mrs. Butler with the girls in Class 3.
Happy Christmas from Class 3.
We had a very special visitor today at school...Santa!
Advent Christmas art
We had so much fun doing experiments for Science Week.
Kilkenny Camogie current All-Ireland winning players Miriam and Grace brought in the O’Duffy & Leinster cup.
We had so much fun carving pumpkins. 
Autumn Leaves