Class 13

                                 Welcome to Class 13
LCA 1& 2 had a great start to the week.
We started our weekly gym sessions at the Watershed Gym.
We have been very busy cooking and doing our Christmas art.
Morgan made a very informative podcast on Mental Health. He also recorded an episode while at work experience.
Aine and Michael were busy at the Library & Book Centre.
Lyor is enjoying work experience at the Penny Feather Cafe and Lajos in the Farmers Market.
We also enjoyed the guest speaker from KITE (adult autism specific day service).
We had a great time celebrating the Junior Cert results and Josie's Birthday today.
Lajos enjoyed making gluten free lemon drizzle. He also brought in his medals for swimming with the Special Olympics. Well done!
We did some litter picking this week as part of our Green School work in School of the Holy Spirit.
We loved lifting the O'Duffy cup.
Aine started work in Loughboy library this week and really enjoyed it. 
We prepared some lovely food, began work on our Wellbeing Task and started our electives - one is Woodwork.
We celebrated Lyor's birthday in Eddie Rockets.
We enjoyed a walk in Millennium Woods.
Wellbeing Week