Active School Flag

Active Week 2023
15 Senior school students played a friendly soccer match in Kieran's College on Thursday.
Sponsored Walk on Wednesday - We raised €1,050!!! €525 raised for Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland and €525 for School of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped in any way.
Sports Day on Tuesday at the Watershed.
We played Rounders in the field on Monday.
School of the Holy Spirit are currently working to renew the Active Schools Flag 2017/2018


The Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with the Active School Flag (ASF).

The ASF initiative is open to primary, post primary schools and special needs schools. Once awarded the ASF remains valid for a period of three years.

In order to achieve the ASF schools must:

  • Adhere to DES guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all students
  • Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the ASF process.
  • Self-evaluate current provision in terms of PE, Physical Activity and Community Links.
  • Plan and implement improvements across each of the aforementioned areas.
ASF is currently a work in progress.

To date we have achieved the following targets:

  • Aquatics/Swimming– All our students completed six weeks of swimming in the Watershed annually.
  • Games– Soccer for all; two of our students have been picked to represent Ireland in Soccer for all. Games feature in our weekly P.E. classes. The LCA class held a global sports week where they picked a game, promoted it and taught skills to the other classes in the school.
  • Athletics– Sports Hall Athletics; Use of the equipment in our school gym.
  • Gymnastics– All our students avails of a minimum of 6 weeks with our teachers.
  • Dance– currently taking place.
  • Outdoor Adventure– currently taking place.

Our Active School Week 

Active School Week (ASW) is an integral part of the Active School Flag

Process and we have made it part of our annual school calendar.

ASW will be a whole school event with opportunities for all members of the school community to ‘get active’. A cross-curricular approach has been encouraged to promote physical activity throughout the entire school day.

Some of the activities we have planned for our Active School Week:

  • Swimming at the Watershed
  • Athletics at Scanlon Park
  • Games at Scanlon Park
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Adventure/Up and Walking – Orienteering
  • Up and Running


School Projects

Very successful mini companies are operational in the school and we all enjoy the Tuck shop, scones, soups and salads prepared by our senior students. These activities develop independent living skills and promote self-esteem. Profits generated also help fund social outings to The Drum, National Concert Hall and various exhibitions and trips.

Our school actively promotes integration and participation in local community life with students attending the Drum Youth Club, Watergate productions, SOS gym, the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle and Park.

Our newly formed Soccer Team participates in sporting activities with local schools at Scanlon Park and other venues.

As part of the Kilkenny 400 Celebrations the former Mayor, Malcolm Noonan was present at the planting of an orchard of native Irish fruit trees in 2010.

The grounds of the school were further enhanced by the donation of bulbs for planting by the Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee.